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Refurbishment and Recycling

Canelec is a mature company with international experience in mining electrical equipment. After more than two decades of designing and building solutions for our clients, we understand and can accommodate their needs. Call Canelec when you need additions, replacements or refurbishment of your electrical equipment.

Don’t send good electrical equipment to dump sites…

Remanufactured equipment is an innovative way to cut cost without negatively effecting output:

  • Skip the capital expense approvals.  Remanufacturing your equipment is considered a maintenance expense.
  • Prevent an increase of your corporate assets pool.
  • Increase your Return on Investment (R.O.I.).
  • Lower asset disposal costs (i.e. when decommissioning a mine site).
  • Lower material, labour and energy costs translate directly into savings.

Remanufactured equipment is more than just a cost savings:

  • Ships faster, often in half the time.
  • Reduces waste and helps protect our environment.
  • Ensures continued and future service.

Let us show you how to re-use that equipment and save money too.

Canelec’s modern machine and paint shops can handle all your large scale electrical equipment refurbishing needs.

Upon arrival, your equipment is stripped and inspected for areas of wear, decay, damage or weakness.  Our experienced employees will work quickly and efficiently to return your equipment to ‘like-new’ (or better) condition – reducing downtime and ensuring future serviceability. 

Through remanufacturing, our equipment is given a new lease on life, in an environmentally conservative way.  Old equipment can be modified for increased functionality, throughput and/or performance – economically. 


  • Increased Capability
    Equipment can be retrofitted with modern components and certified to international standards.  Safety and quality are often increased.
  • Recycle and Re-use
    Surplus equipment can often be modified to serve in a variety of situations, beyond what was originally conceived.
  • Repair
    Damaged equipment can be repaired and returned to service for a fraction of the cost/time of replacing new.
  • Overhaul
    Equipment can be stripped, inspected and re-built as required to return to a ‘like-new’, usable state.

Case Study

Lovat Tunnel Inc. is a worldwide manufacturer of Tunnel Boring Machines (TBMs).  We have been manufacturing big ticket electrical items for Lovat for over 20 years.

When Lovat began looking into reducing costs for their rebuilt TBMs, we inventoried their Bone Yard (equipment that is surplus, redundant, etc) and found we could remanufacture a number of old units to ‘like-new’ condition.

By using remanufactured units. Lovat has been able to save 30%-70% over the cost of new units.  Some of the modifications have been extensive (i.e. substantially reducing a substation’s height), and some applications have combined both old and new sections to expand capacity.

By establishing what was surplus or redundant for the client and then evaluating their inventory for remanufacturing, Canelec was able to propose package pricing and provide the client with all the benefits of remanufactured equipment. 

Relocating? Integration?

Moving?  Here at Canelec we have a full understanding of international electrical regulations.  We can inspect, verify and modify your equipment for use overseas.

Canelec can also help you bring together your existing equipment in new ways to help cut costs.  We have extensive experience in interfacing various forms of equipment which otherwise may be incompatible.  

• Custom Substations to meet dimensional requirements of shaft handling.
• 24 hour call out.
• Custom panels for all surface and underground requirements.

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• Standard stock junction boxes up to 15KV 800A rated, ESA approved.
• Standard loadbreak switches up to 15KV 630A rated, ESA approved.
• Standard Substations.

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Custom designed low profile tunnelling substations for all voltages world wide.

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