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• Custom Substations to meet dimensional requirements of shaft handling.
• 24 hour call out.
• Custom panels for all surface and underground requirements.

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• Standard stock junction boxes up to 15KV 800A rated, ESA approved.
• Standard loadbreak switches up to 15KV 630A rated, ESA approved.
• Standard Substations.

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Custom designed low profile tunnelling substations for all voltages world wide.

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Our Commitment

At Canelec, we understand the extreme conditions you work in and build rugged, reliable equipment to your operation running.  We have spent years with many major clients engineering custom solutions that have now become stand products for their facilities and equipment.

Our 25 years of experience allows us to combine your Engineering, Maintenance and Operational Unit’s needs into a cost effective finished product.  Each item includes a comprehensive manual comprising of schematics and digital pictures detailing each component for easy integration and maintenance. 

Here at Canelec, we believe in exceeding the standard through engineering expertise, design innovation and the highest quality component parts.  We can provide you with custom and standardized mine power substations, control panels and electrical equipment.